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Current: Winter / Spring 2023

01/19/23. Derek Holliday (Political Science, UCLA): Nationalized Elections, Localized Campaigns? A Supervised Machine Learning Approach to Measuring Nationalized Political Rhetoric

02/23/23. Georgia Kernell and Seonhye Noh (Communication, UCLA): Online Hate Speech in Korean News Comment

03/02/23. Patrick Fournier (Political Science, Universite de Montreal): Do Emotions Drive the Link Between Winning and Satisfaction with Democracy? Leveraging the Lion King, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup

Selected Past Presentations

02/03/22. Stuart Soroka
02/17/22. Xiaofeng Lin, Jun Luo andĀ Georgia Kernell
03/03/22. Tim Groeling
03/17/22. Jun Luo and Joyce Jiang
03/31/22. Mia Carbone and Brett Hu
04/28/22. Lupita Madrigal
05/12/22. Seonhye Noh and Braden Pomerantz
11/03/22. Stuart Soroka